Match Report from a Kano Kid

dumfries and galloway befriending projectOn 2nd April for the match versus Hearts, we were joined by a few children from Dumfries and Galloway Befriending Project, a charity that offers young people experiencing problems at home, school or in the community, the opportunity of extra support and regular positive adult attention.

The young people benefit from the energy and enthusiasm of their befrienders and gain confidence from forming a positive relationship with a supportive adult.

We received an excellent match report from one of the girls who attended that day.

Hearts scored the first goal after five minutes then Celtic scored one goal and when the team were tackling each other they started to hurt each other.

When Fiona went for the pies the teams started to fight. It was rough, even though Celtic scored another goal which put their goals up to two and Hearts at one at half time.

After a while Celtic got another goal and then they had three goals and Hearts still had one goal. One of the Hearts players got a red card and one of the Hearts got a real bad bump to the head.

Celtic won the match and we got lots of things like a scarf, a wrist band, a bag that was full of stuff like crisps, a drink and another Celtic scarf. It was a lot, a lot of fun. It was really, really fun.

We’re looking forward to spending some time with Dumfries and Galloway Befriending Project again this season.

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