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Please note: All unsuccessful applications already received from the previous season will be given priority for this season.

Our mission is to treat youngsters, regardless of background and circumstance, to a day out at Celtic Park. That means that ANY group can apply to join us.

Since season 2010/2011 we have given a modern day ‘lift over the turnstile’ to over 10,000 children, varying from boys and girls football teams to local youth clubs and young people with special needs. Our only stipulation is that the children need to be aged 13 or under in line with terms of our season tickets. To enable as many children to attend as possible, we allocate the tickets on a 1 adult to 6 children ratio.

Your group can have up to the Maximum of 134 kids and 23 Adults and all applications MUST comply with our 1-6 ratio as stated above

Find out more about what happens on the day here.

Once we have your application we will process it in due course. Where appropriate, an offer will be made to your group via email and text to the contact information provided on the application. Should we contact you and not receive any replies after 1 week, we will withdraw the offer and move it on to the next group on the waiting list. Once a match offer is accepted by your group, we will email you confirmation and an information pack. Please note that prior to the fixture, we will require a list of the names of the adults in your group and the names and dates of births of all children joining us to comply with ticket regulations. This should be presented to us in printed form on the day of the match. No personal details will be disclosed to any party outwith Celtic FC should they request it.

All fixture dates and kick-off times are subject to change. We will notify you of any changes as soon as we know of them.

If you have any questions, include them in the comments box and we will endeavour to answer them as soon as possible

Before clicking the submit button at the bottom of this form you MUST follow the links to the code of conduct. These links contain important information about safety and security that must be adhered to


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  • Ticket allocation

  • We provide tickets on a 1 adult to 6/7 children ratio.

    Unfortunately children between the ages of 13 and 18 cannot be admitted on our standard tickets. If you would like to bring children in this age group please provide further information in the 'Tell us About your Group' section as we can sometimes find alternative arrangements for them.
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