Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How did the Kano Foundation get started?
  • Q. How do you choose the groups who attend?
  • We look at all the applications as they come in and decide on the information given which game will best suit the application. We try to give priority to groups who have never attended before.
  • Q. Why are applications only open to groups with children aged 13 years and under?
  • The kids season tickets we have are the £50 per season option which only allow entry to kids up to the age of 13. This helps us keep costs down
  • Q. Why does the application process require the groups to provide information such as the names of adults / children attending as well as the children’s dates of birth?
  • We at the foundation currently hold 186 season tickets on behalf of the wider support who fund us. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.
  • Anyone who wishes to purchase a season ticket from the club will have to provide this information to the club and anyone purchasing a child season ticket will be asked to provide proof of age in the form of a birth certificate that will be held on record by the club. The season tickets are non-transferable and are to be used by the named ticket holder only. As our tickets are also season tickets, technically the club could ask us to do the same. This of course would not be practical so an agreement was made that we will ensure that we know the name of everyone who uses our tickets and that all the children attending would be aged 13 or under. The easiest way to do this is to request the names of the adults and the name and D.O.B of each child who attends.
  • Q. What happens if a group refuses to give this information?
  • Unfortunately their application will be cancelled.
  • Q. Who will see this information?
  • This information will be presented to us in paper form by the groups on a match day and will not be shared with anyone else with the exception of Celtic FC should they request it. It will be held by us for up to 1 week after the match and if not requested by the club, it will be shredded. We will NOT store this information electronically.
  • Q. How are you funded?
  • We are funded solely by donations from fans and local businesses either directly or as a result of various fundraising events held either by us or the people who support us.
  • Q. Do the trustees and volunteers get paid for the work they do?
  • No. All of our trustees and volunteers give up their time freely
  • Q. Why do Celtic not give you the tickets for free?
  • The short answer is we have never asked them to. We are immensely proud that we are a group started by, supported by and totally funded by fans.
  • If the club were to give us the tickets free of charge there would be no guarantee we would receive the same amount for every game. This would make it very difficult to plan ahead. Another benefit of paying for the tickets is that we have the same rights as every other season ticket holder.
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