Our History

The history of The Kano Foundation.

In 2008, Martin Kane, a Glasgow man living in Australia, developed Devic’s Syndrome. A rare immunological disorder where the immune system attacks the protective material that covers the nerves. He was hospitalised for months and needed specialised care.

Martin, known as “Kano” to his friends, was a massive Celtic fan. In his spare time, he was a regular contributor to the “Celtic Quick News” forum and when other members of the forum found out about his situation they quickly got together to help their fellow Celtic supporter. 

The aim, to raise £60,000 to pay for modifications to Martin’s house so he could get home and spend Christmas with his family.

In an amazing show of charity and generosity, the overall campaign exceeded the target!

 After the modifications were made to Martin’s home it was decided to use the extra money to take a group of children, who had helped raise money during the campaign, to a match at Celtic Park.


The idea for The Kano Foundation was born.


John-Paul Gilmartin, Joe Mackin, and Mark Kingsman along with co-founders Marc Martin, Tony Reilly, Gordon Johnston, and Gillian McCaul came together to officially form The Kano Foundation.

With Martin Kane as the organisation’s patron, they began raising money to take more children to Celtic Park and give them a full match day experience.


You can read a special tribute to Martin Kane, written by his brother Paul here.

If you'd like to support this work and help even more kids visit our get involved page.

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