Stadium Behaviour Guidelines

Every Kano Foundation matchday is a special moment and our matchday volunteers are on hand to ensure every kid who comes to the game with The Kano Foundation has the best time possible.

However, some safety rules and regulations need to be agreed upon and adhered to so they can do so in a safe and friendly environment.

While providing unique matchday experiences for kids at Celtic Park, The Kano Foundation operates strictly within Celtic FC and Celtic Park’s Stadium Supporter Regulations. These must be followed at all times. The latest versions of these can be found here.

In addition to these:

  • Your group must follow the instructions of The Kano Foundations matchday volunteers at all times.
  • Your group must sit only in the seats allocated to them by matchday volunteers
  • Your group may be split into several smaller sections to allow for staggered entry to the stadium to avoid congestion.
  • No one from the group should try to move to any other part of the stadium, either before or during the match.
  • No member of your group should try to enter the pitch area at any time, or throw any object (no matter how small) in the direction of the pitch.
  • Cans or bottles are not allowed in the stadium and can’t be brought to the game by your group.
  • Groups should appreciate that we occupy a small section of a larger stand and should be respectful of the people in the seats surrounding us.
  • Foul and abusive language from any member of your group (adult or child) will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Any member of your group who turns up under the influence of alcohol or any other substances will not be allowed into the stadium.
  • Your group is kept together for a limited time at the end of the match to allow the stadium to empty sufficiently to ensure you can safely exit the stadium together. Please follow the matchday volunteers’ instructions.


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